Congratulations on the award for Wings. You have done a wonderful job with my covers over the years, and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and thanking you in person one day.

In the meantime, heartfelt thanks and warmest regards,
—Danielle Traina (Danielle Steel)

I worked closely with Andrew Newman Design to develop brand iconography for picnic fashion, my new retail business venture. Andrew brought a high level of energy, creativity and professionalism to every aspect of the project. What began as a contract for logo development in 2009 evolved to include design for all marketing and printed materials for the business, including the picnic fashion website. I highly recommend Andrew’s work, and will continue to leverage his skills. Simply said, he’s the best!

Becky Finn
owner at picnic fashion

Andrew designed the the logo and corporate identity for CapeNet. We get many compliments – even from competitors – and it fits our business perfectly. Designing a logo for a high-tech company is especially challenging because we don’t sell a physical product. As a result, a lot of technology companies end up looking alike, with a boring, impersonal brand. Yet Andrew created a mark that’s distinctive, descriptive and very memorable. Everyone at CapeNet sincerely appreciates Andrew’s hard work, thoughtful advice and dedication to perfection.

Judy Sterling
Vice President, Marketing
CapeNet, LLC

I first encountered Andy at Dell Publishing, where he was a Senior Designer and I was Director of Trade Paperbacks. Andy was always quick to understand a publishing property and how to package it both commercially and tastefully. We worked with many formulaic categories at Dell, but Andy consistently came up with fresh concepts for book covers. 

Later, after Andy founded his own studio, and I had moved on to become Director at Consumer Reports Books, we employed his talents on several of our highest profile titles. Again, Andy delivered top-notch creative products. He’s especially adept at typographical treatments and logotype designs, which we commissioned him to produce on several occasions. 

I recommend Andy to any business entity looking to present itself and its brand to its constituency in a tasteful, high-impact visual context–whether in print or digitally. Plus, Andy’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with.

Chris Kuppig
President at Stone Studio Publishing Services

Andrew has designed at least 8 of our book covers, some published by us and some published by a major house. He puts a lot of brain-power into each book, refining his work and coming up with a cover that is appropriate for each title (as opposed to those designers who use the same approach to every title). Actually, his work has been far better than the internal designers at a major publishing house so I was able to convince them to allow Andrew, the outsider, to do the covers for our books – something they had never done before. He has done off-sized books for us as well as an elegantly designed gift book. I am so proud of the work he’s done, we would never consider using someone else.

Kate Wendleton
President, The Five O’Clock Club

Andrew designed the book cover for my first book, The Elements of Constitutional Law. If you look at his work you can see he has a great eye for design. But he also understands the subtleties of marketing that should inform design, at least where there’s a commercial interest. I’m working on my second book and can’t wait to send it to him for the cover design.

Albert Navarra
Author, Attorney, Sapra & Navarra, LLP

Letter from Robert Gottlieb to Bill Grose (when Editorial Director at Pocket Books):

Dear Bill:

The jacket for THE COMMON DEFENSE by Ed Ruggero is outstanding. Congratulations on another great piece of work.

Robert Gottlieb
Head of Literary Department
William Morris Agency


Man, you are great. I appreciate your quick, intuitive response to our need for the modified ‘v’ and your initiative in doing it and getting it to us. This kind of ‘going the extra mile’ to see to it that the client is satisfied and the job is done right is one of the two things that sets you off from the rest. The other is superb design.

We make terrible demands from our designers and don’t take the time to tell the good ones like you how much we appreciate the way you come through with grace, composure, dependability, and good work. You are a real pro and it is great to work with you. Thanks for all you do to make our covers the best in the Christian Market.

Tom Williams
Creative Director
Word Publishing

Dear Andy

On behalf of the B.A.R.S. members, associates and supporters, please accept this short note of appreciation for your generous contribution of time, talent and guidance that went into the development of our logo, letterhead, envelopes and brochure. Needless to say these items will command attention and convey a message that we are definitely a professional entity. Surely, our new brochure will be a great and effective tool in our recruitment effort to achieve new members and supporters.

With sincere appreciation,
Edward Dutton, Chairman
For the B.A.R.S. membership.

Mr. Neil S. Nyren
Vice President, Publisher
G. P. Putnam’s Sons
200 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016


Dear Neil:

I’m crazy about the cover for Pat’s book. It looks absolutely sensational! I passed it around the office and you will be pleased to know that we have suddenly developed a tremendous number of new female basketball fans.

Best regards,
Morton L. Janklow
Janklow & Nesbit Associates
Literary Agents

Avalon Publishing Group

Please pass this along to whomever is responsible. The responses from EVERYONE so far on the book cover for CHARLIE OPERA are wonderful! It’s the first thing that seems to catch their eyes… then they see the picture with my doggie and say, “What a sunny fella this guy must be.”

My appreciation to everyone.
—Charlie Stella

Ms. Esther Margolis
Newmarket Press
18 E. 48th Street
New York, NY 10017

Dear Esther:

I received the copy of the paperback cover today. It is absolutely fantastic! It’s got everything … one of the best covers I’ve ever seen on any book.

Peggy Vaughan
(Author of The Monogamy Myth)

Dear Mr. Newman,

I know that my editors conveyed my appreciation to you after I received the C-print of my book cover some months ago, but after receiving the real thing a week ago I did not want to let another day go by without commending you on your splendid design job. It is even more beautiful than it was in the C-print, and I could not be happier with it. Of course it would be a pleasure for me to hold the book in my hands at last, after six years of hard labor, but the pleasure has been increased by the fact that the book is such a beautiful object. Your design is tasteful, subtle, and appropriate to the theme — and I love the typeface. Congratulations on a fine piece of professional work, and heartfelt thanks.

Jane Redmont
(Author of Generous Lives)