The International Society of Protistologists approached me about designing a new logotype and website. Protistologists are scientists devoted to research on single-celled eukaryotes, or protists. The ISOP promotes the presentation and discussion of new or important facts and problems in protistology, and works to provide resources for the promotion and advancement of this science. Before I went to the School of Visual Arts, I received my first degree in zoology with minors in chemistry and physics, so this project was of great interest to me. ISOP had an internal logo competition before I began working on the logo. I was able to use five of the winning designer’s drawings as silhouettes in the final logo so this was a collaboration of sorts. The circular logo works well both by itself and as the letter O in the ISOP acronym. Since protists can only be seen through the lens of a microscope, putting them inside a circle made perfect sense.