Extreme Design Makeovers

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Extreme Design Makeovers

Most projects I work on are new designs, but I’ve also worked on projects that involved creating a totally new look from what the client had used previously. Shown here are three examples of extreme design makeovers, working within the parameters and constraints of the client, through better design.

Extreme Design Makeovers Bourque Heating and Cooling logo

The previous Bourque Heating and Cooling logo had been in use for quite a while. Although the owner saw it as a thermometer man, it seemed somewhat inappropriately suggestive to my eyes.  The circular design used for the new logo helps draw the reader in like a target, and the red and blue colors represent the two facets of the business, heating & cooling.

Extreme Design Makeovers Ken Hogan's The-Carpet Man ad

Ken Hogan’s the Carpet Man’s original black and white ad was in desperate need of a makeover. The problem was how to incorporate all the copy required while, at the same time, engaging the prospective customer. Using good color photos showing carpeting in residential and commercial settings created interest, and using the photo of Ken in color helped to create trust. removing the “Wanted” poster look of the original.

Extreme Design Makeovers Wine 101 book cover

The original book, which was referred to the as Crib Notes for Wine on Amazon.com, was an excellent book, and sales were ok, but not stellar. For the third edition cover I suggested using Wine 101 as the title and using “Crib Notes for Wine” as the subtitle. I used an elegant serif font with simulated embossing for the title. Instead of the dated looking cartoon on the original cover, I substituted a vibrant photograph of wine being poured into a glass.